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KLR Kitchens have established themselves as the best kitchen fitters Belfast has to offer and this is a view shared by many of our customers. We have gone from strength to strength in this industry by offering diverse services of the highest quality. We cater for both commercial and residential customers, providing dynamic installations that cannot be matched by our competitors. With over 20 years’ experience, KLR Kitchens have the qualities to complete any project on time and with very little disruption to your everyday life.

We have won numerous kitchen fitting awards throughout Northern Ireland for the quality of our renovations but we also provide some of the most cost-effective kitchen solutions. We have our own in-house carpenters, plumbers and electricians, so we do not waste your time or money by having to hire expensive sub-contractors. This makes us unique when compared to other contractors in the area. When we give you a price, that price is final, as our jobs never go over budget.

Our prices are unbeatable and we challenge our customers to try to find a better quote elsewhere. All our fittings are fully guaranteed, so you know there is longevity in our support. We focus strongly on customer service and our team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if need be. We offer a complete solution, from the removal of your old kitchen to the final installation of the cabinets. Our design team will provide as many drafts as necessary, until you are completely happy with solution and provide the most extensive kitchen design Belfast has to offer. If your kitchen requires remodelling, then give us a call for a no obligation quotation. If you are interested in a great quality kitchen fitting, at a more than reasonable price, contact us now on 07731535693 or 02892673740. We are also available via e-mail through sales@klrkitchens.com.

We obtain food and comfort from our kitchen, so it will always be associated with nurturing. Vernacular styles are very appealing for this very reason and many designers are basing their kitchens on the very popular ‘country kitchen’. Rough finished wooden tables, robust fittings, dried herb larders and on-display crockery, are just a few features of the country kitchen. The main characteristic of this style is simplicity. In a world where we are obsessed with technological advancements complex beyond our understanding, it is refreshing to get back to basics in the kitchen. Gas ovens are used in place of microwaves, sharp knives are used in place of food processors and larders are used in place of smart-fridges. Another appealing element of the vernacular kitchen is style longevity. The country kitchen is considered timeless and provides real continuity in terms of fashion that can last a lifetime. This approach lends itself to the old and the new, taking us back to our childhood memories of our parent’s kitchen. With this type of kitchen it is very easy to add to the fixture or features, without the need to renovate the entire kitchen and this is a key aspect of its long-life nature.

Contemporary Meets Country

It is more than likely the vernacular kitchens you see in magazines and brochures, does not resemble the actual style of a genuine country kitchen. Liberal use of wood and over-elaborate production details, leaves a distorted view of rural life for those inhabiting urban areas. Many people seem to confuse the terms ‘country’ and ‘natural’, with many urbanites adopting this approach to relieve the stress of their busy lives. The aesthetic feel of the country kitchen cannot be acquired off the shelf, with an elemental approach needed. The fitted country kitchen tends to have a disingenuous look because traditionally these kitchens were unfitted. Commonly, you would find large wooden preparation tables, butcher’s blocks and deep Belfast sinks, all the fixtures that are associated with this kitchen style. Finally, no county kitchen can deem itself authentic without an old-fashioned robust cooking range.

Style Factors

Unfitted kitchens are often used for compact spaces but they work best if you have a large expansive area. If possible, the kitchen will feel more authentic if you incorporate an off-room larder or scullery into the layout. A larder which is naturally ventilated, north-facing and lined in natural stone can act as a perfect storage area for your perishable produce. A scullery helps reinforce this style, especially if it is in open view to the rest of the kitchen and actively stores pots and pans. Natural materials and finishes which ruggedly set the aesthetics of the room are preferential to sleek and polished finishes. You should use materials that are found in your local area, as this will reflect the contextual nature of its surroundings and wood will provide an aged look to the room. Natural colours are a must for this room, with warm colours being preferred to colder colours normally associated with a kitchen. Natural stone, brick and slate tiles will provide rugged surfaces but they will also age well and weathering will only add to their rustic feel. The kitchen fitters in your area should be able to field any questions you have in regards to this subject and in most cases, will be able to show you examples.

For more than 10 years we’ve been making quality furniture and custom made cabinets, with this being one of the main reasons we are the best kitchen fitters Belfast use. During that period, our production costs have soared but we have some how managed to keep our costs low. We have since then branched out to working with component companies who fabricate parts for our kitchen cabinets. These component manufacturers make a variety of products from simple wooden boxes to complex constructs that cover an entire wall. These components are sent to us as flat-packed and all we have to do is assemble them in our workshop. The finer details for the trim and paneling are still fabricated by us in our workshop and it is this step that sets us apart from the rest. Many retailers like IKEA sell flat-pack furniture on a huge scale to money conscious DIY enthusiasts, out to save some money. With these flat-packed assemblies comes detailed and extensive instructions that guide the user in assembling their products.

Component Manufacturers

Some component manufacturers deal in mechanical produced components constructed of MDF which is veneered with a more attractive material. The manufacturers we work with use only solid wood framing, doors and shelves when constructing their components. These manufacturers send us their product range in extensive catalogues but we can also ask them to create us bespoke components depending on what we need for our clients. They have a cab-part range that allows us to pick and choose various shapes we can use to create our own kitchen furniture. At this moment we buy our doors from one manufacturer, our panels from another and our drawers we make ourselves. This methodology helps us to build high quality custom made furniture but keep our prices affordable and amenable to everyone. The result of this approach produces cabinets that look like custom wood work with all the efficiency of modular fabrication.

Euro-style Cabinet Construction

Component manufacturers offer the best cost savings when they supply frameless cabinets with predrilled holes which are used to mount hardware or shelving. This is often referred to as euro-style as it was developed in Europe in the 1950′s following World War II. The countries of mainland Europe had to re-build their homes and adopting this approach was an efficient way of doing this with limited resources. Forests that had been decimated by bombing raids provided an abundance of particle board which meant that these populations could rebuild their countries without having to use laborious traditional craftsman ship. Cabinet manufacturers quickly standardized their approach to building cabinets by dropping face-framed cabinets in favor of slab constructed models.